Sensual BDSM

Sensual BDSM

Him and me

My plane landed just on time at Lisbon's airport. It was a warm summermorning and I was so anxious to head to town I was one of the first to exit theplane's doors.

During the eternal eight hours of flight my mind had been swirlingaround with millions of impossible fantasies.

I knew it would be inevitable. Coming here, to his town, knowing hewould be only a couple of miles away from me instead of thousands… my sillyheart just couldn't help imagining what would it be like, even when we had bothagreed that it could never happen.

So there I was, alone, free as bird, having left the kids and husbandbehind, headed to very well deserved vacations, on my homeland.

I rearranged my pencil skirt and my blouse, checked on my high heels,and dragging my suitcase behind me, I strolled out of there.

As I was heading to the subway station I notice a parked patrol of theRepublican National Guard, almost on my way. I took a small detour to avoid it,when a male's voice stopped me.

"Mrs. Jones? Mrs. Kelly Jones?"

Surprised, I stopped and looked back. A guard had hopped out of the carand was heading towards me.

Puzzled, I look at him.

"Yes, that's me!" I answered.

"Ma'am could you please hand me your passport?" the mandemanded stretching his hand towards me.

"Is there a problem, Officer?" I asked more intrigued thanworried.

"Ma'am, your passport please!" he insisted, his face carved instone.

Eager to solve whatever the problem was I took my passport from my purseand handed it to him.

He opened it, checked my data and instead of giving it back to me, heput it in his own pocket.

"I'm afraid you'll have to come with us, ma'am!" he saidbefore I could even utter a single word.

"What?! I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what the hell isgoing on here!" I burst, starting to feel upset.

"We'll explain downtown, ma'am!" he said, taking my suitcaseout of my hands, and throwing it into the patrol. Seconds later, he had mepressed against the car, face down, as he attached a couple of cuffs to mywrists behind my back.

He pushed me into the back seat, and sat beside me.

This was so fast that I couldn't even start to react, as the car pulledout of the sidewalk.

"You can't do this!" I shouted, infuriated. "I haven'tdone anything wrong!"

The man sitting beside me ignored my words and just grabbed a cloth fromhis pocket and stuffed it up her mouth, and secured it behind her head. Afterthat he threw a hood over her head, leaving her gagged and blind.

The car made a stop, and the man beside me hopped out, and someone elsesat beside me. I knew this was someone else. His scent was different, hispresence felt menacing somehow and I started to struggle to free myself fromthe hood and the gag. As the car resumed its way, I intensified my struggle,feeling very close to panic.

A huge, strong hand came down on me, and grabbing me by the neck, forcedme backwards into the seat, as he whispered on my ear.

"You don’t want to piss me! Stay put, or you'll regret it!"his voice was rough, threatening and sent shivers down my spine. His hand gavea little squeeze to my throat before trailing all the way down, to the edge ofmy skirt, lingering there a few seconds, just to make his point.

I quit struggling and decided to wait and see what would happen. My mindwas racing at light speed, trying to find an explanation to the wholesituation. His face kept coming to my mind, but I kept dismissing the idea. Hewould never go through this much trouble just to see her. All he had to do wasask. Of course I would say no, but I always said no to him and he alwaysmanaged to have me begging yes at his will.

But dismissing this idea only scared more, and anxiety was taking overher.

After what seemed ages, the car finally stopped and I was helped out ofthe car, still cuffed, gagged and blindfolded, by the firm grip of my seatcompanion.

I couldn’t hear a sound, no cars, no people, not even a barking dog, soI assumed we were at some secluded place, what only managed to get me even morenervous.

The driver and the man exchanged whispered words, and seconds later thecar was driving away from the place, leaving me with the one grabbing me.

When we could no longer hear the car, the man dragged me into what Iassumed was a house, and then down some stairs. The place was obviouslydeserted, such was the silence.

He stopped, I heard him rumble with a key and a door was opened.

This was the drop that overtook me, and I gathered all my strength tofight the guy holding me, too scared to think straight.

It took him only seconds to subdue me drag me in and throw me in achair.

He grabbed a fist of my hair and pushed me hard against a table in frontof me.

"Did you really think I would stay put, arms crossed, knowing youwould be so close to me?" he shouted in my ear. A wave of relief floodedevery cell in my body as I recognized his voice. Fear was quickly substitutedby arousal and anxiety as I felt his touch for the first time. 

"Do you know how much I have yearned for you? How could you believefor just a second I wouldn’t act on it?" he insisted, as he took the hoodout and untied the gag.

"You said… this couldn't… happen!" I stuttered, my mouth stilldry from the gag, trying to lift my head and taking my first look at him, withhis blue beret, his baby blue shirt and his dark blue pants, along with hisboots to the knee, all part of his uniform.

He pushed me back down.

"Can you imagine just how many times I dreamed with having youhere, at my disposal? Being able to torture your delicious body, to taste it,to feel it underneath my grasp?"

His words made me moan, as all the fantasies I had been playing in mymind the whole flight, swirled up in my mind.

Keeping me leaned across the table; he reached the edge of my skirt, andslowly pulled it toward my waist, exposing my round butt, stuffed into tinyblack lace panties. His hand caressed my arse a couple of times before herolled them down my thighs, baring it completely.

Before I could breathe again his hand landed hard across my right asscheek making me squeal as the sharp sting reached my very core. With no delay,his hand landed again on my left asscheek, and so on… while my moans becamewhimpers and my whimpers became sobs.

"You knew that coming here was a provocation, you knew I wouldn’tbe able to resist the chance of finally having hold of you, of having my slavekneeling for me, at my feet, you knew it, and yet you decided to come." Hesaid as the blows hit my tender flesh and I experienced for the first time thewrath of my master directly on my skin.

Tears ran down my face by then, and I was harshly panting. I could feelthe overload of emotions at every single nervous end of my body. I was soaroused I could feel my juices sliding down my walls, out through my lips anddown my thighs.

He stopped. His hand caressed my reddened ass; his fingers slippedthrough my slit, and dove all the way into the pool at my entrance.

He grunted sounding so pleased to confirm the pleasure he was able togrant me through the pain he was inflicting.

My masochism was such a delightful match to his sadism, and now he hadproofs.

"Don't move!" he growled while he released me and I heard himunbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants.

With one swift motion he was buried deep inside me, plunging hard, his handsharshly grasping my ass, adding with his hands those shots of pain to those ofpleasure given me by his cock. He leaned forward, and grunted the order.

"Come for me slave!"

And I did and only seconds later of being thrown out to the raging seaof pleasure, I felt him falling just next to me.